Introducing 'The Process'


Landscape gardening is a blend of art and science, where the goal is to create outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional, sustainable, and in harmony with the natural environment.

Why invest in landscaping?

Creativity & Innovation

We look at the challenging aspects of the outdoor space, such as poor drainage, erosion issues, or awkward slopes and offer creative solutions.

Expert Plant Selection

We understand plant species, their growth habits, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal. We select plants that thrive in the specific soil conditions .

Expertise & Design Skills

Our knowledge of plants, hardscaping materials, and layout can result in a well-thought-out design that maximises the beauty and functionality of the space.

Maintenance Plans

We can provide ongoing maintenance services including regular lawn care, pruning, mulching, fertilising, and seasonal clean-ups.

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At The Garden Tailors, we see the garden almost as another room and an outdoor continuation of the home. Our in-house design studio specializes in designing serene and contemporary outdoor spaces that utilize the perfect contrast of hard materials being softened with the lavish textures of plants to create idyllic gardens. Whether you have a small urban garden or a larger outdoor landscape, we can help you achieve your dream of creating a beautiful and tranquil space.