Introducing 'The Process'


At ‘The Garden Tailors’, we see the garden almost as another room and an outdoor continuation of the home. Our in-house design studio ethos is to design serene contemporary spaces, a skilful blend of hard materials softened with curated plants for an idyllic garden. Whether you have a small urban garden or a larger outdoor landscape, we can help you achieve a beautiful garden on time and on budget.

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1. Brief

The first step; a free consultation working to scope out what you want from your garden and how you will use it. We take into account the interior and exterior of the home, soil conditions and surrounding landscape. A topographical survey showing the different levels as well as surrounding structures and trees making the design accurate.

2.Concept Design 

A concept design in an aerial view will be created and this will be presented alongside mood boards and 3D CAD images to show you what the finished garden could look like. Once we have completed this, we will meet you again to discuss our proposed plans and when you are fully satisfied with them we will then work on the detailed and finalised design.

3.Detailed design

The detailed design will become the master plan for the garden and will be used to implement the build. This will include a detailed aerial plan along with necessary information on the layout of the garden as well as materials that will be used and key structural planting and features that will provide everything that contractors will need to build the garden according to the detailed design.

4. Planting Plan

The planting plan shows where the plants will be situated, their Latin names, and their sizes, which will serve as the template for the planting scheme. This will come alongside a mood board of all of the plants, so you can get an idea of how the planting will look. We will work closely with you, using our depth of horticultural knowledge, to develop a scheme that is both functional and beautiful.

5. Build

Whether you go ahead with our landscaping team or bring in another from your choosing ,we work very closely with industry contractors and landscapers to implement our designs to the highest quality level. We conduct regular site visits to ensure everything is built to the design specifications and at the end of the landscaping, we personally layout the plants according to the planting plan.

We also offer simple

Planting Design

If you already have an existing outdoor space but you would like to add a planting scheme we also offer a planting design service separately which would entail a free consultation, site analysis and survey and will include a detailed planting plan and mood board (these stages are mentioned above in 1. and 5.)

The plant sourcing can be carried out by you or we can source the plants and deal with the planting for you.